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Burren Smoked Irish Salmon

February 2014 to January 2015:
For the time being, we cannot source Non-Organic Salmon from Ireland.
As we want to offer you the best possible quality, we have decided not to buy in salmon from outside Ireland.

We do, however, have excellent
Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon available. Have a look at our award-winning and delicious marinades of hot and cold smoked organic salmon, and discover your new favourite flavour!

All our fish is 100% Irish as our core value is to produce smoked salmon, mackerel and trout of the highest possible quality. It is farmed or caught in the most pristine waters you could find off the west and north coast of Ireland where there is no pollution.

We use two methods of smoking salmon – Cold Smoking and Hot smoking.
The Cold Smoking is the traditional Irish way of smoking salmon. The temperature never rises above 35°C during the smoking, which means that the flesh never coagulate. We get an easily sliced product with a very smooth texture.
Hot Smoked Salmon is absolutely delicious with a drier, flakier texture more similar to grilled salmon. During the hot smoking process temperatures rise as high as 80°C.

The whole smoking process - from filleting the sides to packing them - is manual work. We are hand-preparing the salmon every step of the way in our small, family-owned smokery.

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