Our commitment to sustainability

Clare Island salmon farm“Friend of the Sea”

We are very proud to work with exclusively Irish salmon suppliers who are all committed to sustainability and care for the environment.

Our biggest supplier of our Salmon of Knowledge has been audited for the “Friend of the Sea” certificate. This name might not mean much to you, but you might have heard about the dolphin-friendly tuna that you can buy in tins with the logo of a dolphin on it.

The Dolphin-Safe seal of approval is by far the best known environmental certification label. It testifies that the tuna has been caught without killing dolphins as a by-catch (dolphins would drown in the nets before they would get a chance to come to the surface and breathe again).

Friend of the Sea was founded by Dr Paolo Bray, also European Director of the Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin-Safe Project, the precursor of all seafood and fisheries certification scheme, which managed to save millions of dolphins from getting targeted, bycaught and killed by the industrial tuna industry.

The criteria for certification are:
- the fishfarms are not impacting critical habitats
- procedures are in place to limit escapes of fish to a negligible level;
- there is NO use of Genetically Modified Organisms and growth
- there is NO use of antifouling paints;
- there is waste, water, feed and energy management in place;

The impact of these measures are very positive for the salmon itself, its taste, quality and its health benefits, but also for the environment. And at the Burren Smokehouse, we are convinced you can taste it in the smoked salmon!

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