Birgitta’s Organic focus

Burren smokehouse minister shane mcentee organic food organic salmonOver the course of the last 12 months or so Birgitta and Junior Minister at the Department of Agriculture, Shane McEntee met on various occasions in their official capacities. During those meetings, the Junior Minister got to appreciate Birgitta’s passion and knowledge for all foods organic, so that she has now been appointed as Ireland’s authority on organic fish by Mr McEntee.

The newly formed Organic Focus organisation aims to coordinate business and government policy in the organic food sector, and Birgitta will be playing a key role in the way that the organic fish sector develops over the next few years.

Birgitta sees the organic food sector as a signature segment for this industry which would promote Ireland and Irish food abroad. “The board is mainly made up of representatives from the business sector of the organic industry and the work will focus on helping  to shape Government policy”, Birgitta adds.

Organic fish could become a substantial growth area in Clare and Ireland in future years and could generate a large number of jobs. An example for this is the fact that the Irish salmon production would not exist today if it was not for the organic sector which kept it going in the mid-1990s.

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